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Crime Prevention

Believing that fundamentally altering individual behaviors or encouraging conformity to societal norms is complex and often beyond the scope of government intervention, my research emphasizes the importance of proactive crime prevention. Utilizing frameworks such as the Routine Activities Approach, Situational Crime Prevention, and Environmental Criminology, I explore effective strategies to preempt criminal activities. My work specifically investigates how modifications to the Built Environment and the strategic implementation of Private Security measures can deter criminal acts before they occur. This focus on preventive measures seeks not only to mitigate the incidence of crime but also to enhance community safety and resilience.


Environmental Criminology Book

Police Operations, Administration,
& Use of Force

As a former law enforcement practitioner, I bring a distinctive perspective to the field of criminology, particularly in how policing practices influence broader societal dynamics. This unique background shapes my research questions and methodologies. I have published numerous scholarly articles addressing police use of force, and have served as an expert witness in cases concerning management and staffing issues within sheriff’s departments. Currently, my research extends to the practices surrounding the recruitment and hiring processes in law enforcement agencies. This ongoing work not only contributes to academic discourse but also informs practical improvements in police operations and community relations.


Police Management Book Cover

Emergent Criminology

For years, I have been driven by the desire to tackle complex and challenging questions in criminology, especially those with limited data and academic scrutiny. This curiosity propelled me into the academic sphere, where I have consistently pursued difficult questions about crimes that confound police, victims, and governmental leaders alike. My focus on what I term 'emerging crimes' reflects this commitment. These crimes are characterized by their sudden rise in occurrence, increasing complexity, lack of clear definition, and sparse data availability. Examples include Package Theft, Crime in the Sharing Economy, Pet Theft, Beehive Theft, Crime during COVID, and Metal Theft.


COVID-19 and Crime Research
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