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Crime Prevention


Believing that changing individuals or encouraging them to conform to societal standards is complex and not within the preview of governments, I often focus on preventing crime before it occurs. Utilizing the Routine Activities Approach, Situational Crime Prevention, and Environmental Criminology, I ask how we can stop the crime before it happens? This effort often considers how the Built Environment and Private Security can be applied to avoid crime.


Environmental Criminology Book

Police Operations, Administration,
& Use of Force

As a former practitioner, I have a unique perspective on policing, which influences my research questions and methods. I have published several papers on police use of force issues served as an expert witness for management and staffing issues in a sheriff’s department, and have current research focused on hiring practices.


Police Management Book Cover

Questions to Ask After Writing the Proposal

Emerging Crimes

For years, complex and challenging questions and problems with few available resources (data) and little academic understanding have been a strong interest. Carrying this into academia, I began asking hard questions about crimes that police, victims, and government leaders grapple with. This interest led me to what I call ‘emerging crimes.’ The nature of Emerging Crimes includes; a dramatic rise in occurrence, changes in complexity, are poorly defined, have little data, or has never been thoroughly researched. Topics include; Package Theft, Crime in the Sharing Economy, Pet Theft, Deep Fakes, Crime during COVID, Metal Theft, and more.


COVID-19 and Crime Research

More Scholarship

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