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Crime Prevention


Believing that changing individuals or encouraging them to conform to societal standards is complex and not within the preview of governments, I often focus on preventing crime before it occurs. Utilizing the Routine Activities Approach, Situational Crime Prevention, and Environmental Criminology, I ask how we can stop the crime before it happens? This effort often considers how the Built Environment and Private Security can be applied to avoid crime.


Police Operations, Administration,
& Use of Force

As a former practitioner, I have a unique perspective on policing, which influences my research questions and methods. I have published several papers on police use of force issues served as an expert witness for management and staffing issues in a sheriff’s department, and have current research focused on hiring practices.


Emerging Crimes

For years, complex and challenging questions and problems with few available resources (data) and little academic understanding have been a strong interest. Carrying this into academia, I began asking hard questions about crimes that police, victims, and government leaders grapple with. This interest led me to what I call ‘emerging crimes.’ The nature of Emerging Crimes includes; a dramatic rise in occurrence, changes in complexity, are poorly defined, have little data, or has never been thoroughly researched. Topics include; Package Theft, Crime in the Sharing Economy, Pet Theft, Deep Fakes, Crime during COVID, Metal Theft, and more.


More Scholarship

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