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I am available to assist individuals, private organizations, and government institutions in various ways.

With a Ph.D. in Justice Administration and practitioner experience in private security and public policing, I am interested in helping you prevent crime, manage departments better, and solve crime problems. I provide consulting in several areas, including; policing administration and staffing issues, security, physical security, metal theft, package theft, and crime prevention.

Expert Witness

I am available to provide services as an expert witness in court cases where there is a question on policing procedure, administration and staffing, private security, and other circumstances. I have been identified as an expert witness for police administration and management in Tennessee.


Grant Writing and Evaluation

With experience in federal grants, I’m eager to partner with institutions to identify, apply, and consult on grants. I have served in various capacities (consultant, researcher, evaluator, writer) for numerous grants, including; Second Chance Reentry, Police Staffing Analysis, Justice & Mental Health Collaboration, Community Oriented Policing, Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant & Substance Abuse Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Human Trafficking, and more.

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